Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back in the Brew Game

Whew, it's been a long time since I brewed a batch of beer.   About a year ago we moved and it has taken me since then to get off my ass and get the brew gear back out and in action.  It also took my wife having a monumental birthday to motivate me.  I'm a real slacker.

For the event we brewed five gallons of blueberry beer.  It's a berry beer extract kit from More Beer that comes with raspberry but which I've replaced with blueberry flavor.  Sticking with my normal process of naming the beers with animals my wife picked "Bluebeary Beer"  I am hopeful my daughter will draw a cool label.

Here I am (in the beer shirt) slacking after the beer was done

As much as I tried to claim I found some motivation in the first paragraph the truth is I was barely involved in this brew day.  We were throwing a party simultaneously throughout the day and it seemed like I was always on the go and my brew team of Mike, Scott, Nick, Jason, and Brian did all the work.  I think I just carried the gear out and put the initial water in the kettle.  Then, when it was all done I carried the bucket down to the basement and cleaned up.

I owe a huge thanks to those guys for making sure the beer was made.

As usual we did run into one small problem.  Typically they are so minor that we just laugh about it.  This time we left out an ingredient - there was a 4 ounce bag of maltodexterin.  It is supposedly there to give the beer body, mouthfeel, and head retention.  The yeast will ignore it.  Well, so did we.

I am thinking about putting it in the bucket via a simple sugar solution just as I enter secondary this weekend.  I'm still debating that and looking for advice so if you know what you're about please let me know.

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