Friday, August 28, 2015

Cleaning the Keg Lines on the Cheap

I killed the keg of Chocoloate PB Stout last night and now I need to clean the keg lines again.  Previously I filled my keg with water and cleaning solution, pressurized the keg, and ran the keg through the tap line a couple times.  It was a bit of a pain and definitely wasted a lot of CO2.

In fact, today I also had to refill my CO2 can.  I think I managed 4 kegs on a 20lb CO2 canister which seems like way too few kegs.  I suspect there might be a CO2 leak somewhere in my setup as well.

Anyway, today I ordered the parts to make a re-circulating keg cleaning system.  It looks pretty straight forward thanks to guide.

I am copying his parts list here just in case his page goes away.  You should go use his page and links (if he gets referral $$) because this was his post originally.

  1. Ecoplus Submersible Pump
  2. 1-foot length of 3/8" ID Tubing
  3. 3/8" Barb to 1/4" female NPT fitting
  4. Plug Adapter 1/4" MPT to 19/32"
  5. Appropriate Keg Liquid Post
I already have an extra pin lock liquid post so I didn't order that but I got the other four things.  When it's all assembled it should look like this

Photo Courtesy of
I have amazon prime and got two of the items with it (pump and NPT fitting) for 17.23.  I bought the other two items (hose and plug adapter) at and after shipping it was 14.99).  For a total of $32.22

That's a lot cheaper than the handpump thing they have at midwest supplies and this should work even better since I can connect my quick disconnect right to it!

I'll post a follow-up once I've assembled and tried it out.

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