Friday, August 22, 2014

Double Brew Day Coming Up

This weekend is Hefewiezen weekend!  That's right Mike and I (and maybe Jason) will be brewing up some Hefe.  We are still doing extract kits (will we ever graduate?)  and this time we are doing a kit from Northern Brewer and a second kit from Midwest Supplies.

Wait? What's that - Northern Brewer and Midwest are the same company?  Well, I wish we had known that before we ordered a kit from both to see how different kits compare.  Surprisingly there is a small difference.  The Midwest kit comes with a small amount of grains for steeping where the Northern Brewer kit has no grains at all.  Other than that the kits are identical.  Same amount of extract (liquid and dry) and same hops.

It will be interesting to see if the kits end up tasting different at all due to the small amount of grain.  I suspect it will be a negligible difference.

Either way I have some Hefe coming and I'm stoked - Hefe is my favorite beer and I'm anxious to see how this stuff works out.  Hefeweizens' aren't very common here in West Virginia so if this kit is any good I might be making this one a regular in the rotation.

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