Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Critter Cutter Bottle Openers - Update

Last month I received my kickstarter bottle openers - the Critter Cutters.  In my prior posting I generally had good things to say about them.  I feel like I should retract some of the goodwill and give a heads up to those people considering buying them.

First off, they are still pretty cool bottle openers.  However, if you are buying one don't get the QPQ coated one (it's the black one).  It was my favorite and first choice when ordering them but the black one seeps out some kind of nasty brown oil.  Supposedly giving it a baking soda bath will stop that from happening but I can't get mine to stop.  I've given it two 12+ hour baking soda and water baths and then a 48 hour rest just in baking soda and it continues to seep.  It's pretty disgusting and will definitely stain anything you leave it resting on.  The small magnet I was using to adhere it to my fridge with is even discolored now.

The folks at Critter Cutter were pretty responsive once I contacted them directly (as opposed to a comment on the kickstarter project) and they sent me a replacement stainless steel one.  They could have sent me either the stainless steel or "rainbow" option - I didn't really care.  I just wanted one that wouldn't stain and seep.  The bad part about the stainless steel option is that it isn't magnetic so I have nowhere to store the new one around my beer fridge.  I might tie a nut or something to a bit of twine and thread it through the Critter Cutter eye so I can hang it on the fridge magnet.

Anyway, just avoid the QPQ coated Critter Cutter (the black one) and if you need a magnetic bottle opener get The Gropener instead which comes with a built in magnet.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Critter Cutter Bottle Openers

I've now participated in two separate kick starter campaigns to back bottle openers.  The first was the Gropener which is a bottle open I really dig.

The second was the Critter Cutter.  At my backing level I received three of the opener.  The first is the standard one, the second is a rainbow nitride coating, and the final was a black out nito-carbonizing coating.  All three look really nice in person.

The nice thing about the three piece package is there are three of us in the Hops Alchemy group; myself, Mike, and Jason.  Thus I gave Mike the rainbow coated one, Jason the standard one, and I kept the black one.

If you like the Critter Cutter you can buy them online - they are very sturdy so I don't think you'll be disappointed.