Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm a Grumpy Monk

Today I had a tasty Belgian style IPA by Sam Adams called The Grumpy Monk.  I use Untappd to track my brews (so far I've had 444 distinct beers; find me as finalcut on untappd).    I enjoyed it and logged the beer on Untappd.  When I got back to work I told me co-workers about the beer and they wanted to know a bit more about it so I searched for it on Google.

I followed the first result to the Sam Adams page for Grumpy Monk and lo and behold my tweet of my check-in was on the Grumpy Monk home page.  Silly for me to be excited about that I know (it is automatic after all) but I didn't expect to see my name on their website today.

Anyway, I'm so geeky about it here is a screenshot of my beer moment in the sun - I'm in the top of the right column.

By the way the Grumpy Monk is pretty damn tasty.   Much better than the standard Sam Adams Boston Lager.

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