Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Belly Up To The Bar

Welcome to our blog.  Seeing as you've found us I guess I should take a moment to explain what we are doing and what types of stories/articles/posts you can hope to find here.

First and foremost we will be posting about our brewing experiences   When we started this blog we didn't have much experience brewing - we'd brewed a collection of Liquid Malt Extract (LME) kits.  By the time you found the site there is a chance we had ventured into the world of All Grain kits as well as, maybe, even a recipe of our own.  You'll have to explore a bit to find out where we are at in our beer brewing adventures.

At the start of the blog there were three authors - there might be more or less as time goes on - who knows?  But, the first three were Bill, Jason, and Mike.  We know each other because we work together and we each enjoy the process and camaraderie of home brewing.

Every post on this site will deal with brewing in one fashion or another.  Mike is making his own wine too so he may (or may not) post about his wine making as well.  At a minimum you'll see stories about us brewing beer - we'll even post some photos.  Some of our stories will probably involve us failing or just making a huge mess.  Hopefully the majority will involve us finding success, learning a bunch, and making a gallons of tasty beer.

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